Montrose Advantage

Montrose offers a national network of mortgage banking offices that each have a strong track record and a well earned reputation for industry leading performance and results.

Each year our network consistently delivers over $2.0 Billion of commercial and multi-family mortgages into the supply side of the Canadian commercial and multi-family mortgage marketplace.

Our people earn their living by "adding value" and fully satisfying the needs of our borrowers. Our clients benefit from our market knowledge, strong technical expertise, solid lending relationships and our tenacious advocacy of their needs.

We start by listening. Then, with proper market knowledge, we structure a loan that works for the borrower. Following our analysis of the risks and mitigants we prepare an in-depth underwriting and professionally enter the commercial mortgage market. After identifying the most effective financing options, we negotiate a commitment that must fully satisfy the needs of our borrowing client. We complete our mandate by facilitating an efficient and expedited loan closing, nationwide, every time.

Montrose and its licensed offices are privately owned, and therefore, as an independent intermediary, we are able to give unbiased and objective financing advice.